Top 10 Retail Markups

Does a friendly shopping experience keep you coming back to pay high retail prices? See our collection of tax pictures.

Every consumer is, at heart, a sucker. We blindly pay $5 for items that cost 20 cents to make. And why? Because it's convenient, it's packaged well, it has a catchy jingle, it's the last one in the store or it's simply the closest thing to the checkout stand.

If you'd rather remain ignorant to how much you overpay for some of life's most common purchases, then you should stop reading right now. But if you have a funny feeling you're getting ripped off at the grocery store (and the shoe store and the drug store and the jewelry store), then the following is the sad, sad proof.

We've chosen our top 10 retail markups to share with you, in no particular order. We'll start with one of the finest examples of retail markup magic: beverages.