Top 10 Most Popular Infomercials


The Snuggie


Who hasn't grappled with the baffling question of how to keep warm while watching TV, yet still keep one's hands free to man the remote? Thank goodness an oversized fleece blanket with sleeves came along in 2008 to solve this perplexing problem. (Actually, another company put out a similar product called the Slanket in 1998, but it never garnered the same cult following.) Never mind that everyone in the commercial looks like red-cloaked monks, the Snuggie is selling like hotcakes. It has become something of a pop culture phenomenon -- the fodder of Internet blogs, YouTube parodies and late-night TV comedy routines. Even the "Today" show's Al Roker, Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira cozied up for the camera in their Snuggies. All of this attention has helped sell 4 million of the blankets [source: Salkin]. That should keep the Snuggie's manufacturer warm for years to come.