10 Black Friday Horror Stories

Brawl at Best Buy
Best Buy general manager Terry Dilts (left) and assistant manager Robert Knowles (right) try to control the crowd at the front door to the Mesquite, Texas store. © David Woo/Dallas Morning News/Corbis

Outside a Best Buy in Augusta, Ga., on Black Friday 2010, some U.S. Marines were collecting donations for Toys for Tots. Inside the Best Buy, a man was attempting to smuggle a laptop computer out of the store under his jacket.

Staff spotted the shoplifter and confronted him. The man dropped the laptop, brandished a knife and ran out the door. One of the Marines attempted to stop him, and the robber stabbed him in the back. Other Marines and store staff pounced on the shoplifter and held him until police arrived. The wounded Marine eventually recovered [sourced: Cain and Emerson].