10 Black Friday Horror Stories

Sucker Punched at Sears
Perhaps the sign was a tip-off to the craziness that ensued at the San Antonio, Texas, Sears on Black Friday, 2012. Tom Pennington/Getty Images

No one likes a line cutter. But some people take it to extremes.

While waiting in line at a San Antonio, Texas, Sears at 9 p.m. Thanksgiving night in 2012, a shopper tried to cut in line. When another man objected, the offending line-hopper punched him in the face. The man who took the sucker punch pulled out a handgun, a move he later said he made in self-defense.

The line cutter fled. Police took the gun owner into custody but released him, saying he was within his rights as he had a concealed handgun permit. He was asked to leave the Sears but given a store voucher for his next visit. Amazingly, shopping resumed just 10 minutes after the incident [source: Ley].