10 Best Resignations of All Time

Icing on the Cake
Chris Holmes presented his resignation in a tasty way -- via a carrot cake iced with his "goodbye" letter. Chris Holmes/Mr Cake

In 2013, soon after the birth of his first child, Chris Holmes decided to quit his job checking passports at the Stansted Airport in the U.K. and devote all of his energy to his real passion: baking [source: BBC News]. Holmes resented his day job, but not his employers, so he figured out an ingenious way to write the sweetest resignation letter in the history of resignation letters: He neatly iced the whole letter in pure butter cream on top of a scrumptious carrot cake, and included the Web site for his new business, Mr Cake. A pic of the cake went viral, becoming a brilliant act of social media self-promotion, and Chris's cake business was booming.

Not all food-based resignations are executed with such style and success, though. In 2009, a Seattle man showed up drunk to his job at the Magnolia QFC grocery store. Instead of passing out peacefully in the refrigerated section, he started cursing at co-workers and throwing things. Before the cops showed up, the man grabbed a squeeze bottle of Cheez Whiz and used it to write an impressively legible "I quit" on the store's front window [source: Hannan]. Stay classy, Seattle.