10 Best Resignations of All Time

Live on Air
Radio DJ Inetta Hinton (not pictured) resigned on-air after blasting her two-faced co-workers and her pitiful salary. © Tim Pannell/Corbis

Inetta Hinton was a Mobile, Ala., radio personality who went by the name "Inetta the Moodsetter." Back in 2006, this part-time DJ for the local hip-hop and R&B station WBLX entered the pantheon of public resignations with an 84-second on-air rant, naturally accompanied by music. Her chief complaint appears to have involved two-faced co-workers, but she saved the best for last.

"For the last six years I made $6 an hour. That ain't nothing... Inetta will not be setting the mood at BLX no more... If you're confused about what I'm saying, listen very carefully: I quit this b-tch."

Her four-word farewell lives on in the Internet hall of fame, or its nearest proxy, YouTube. It's even got a mention in Urban Dictionary as an expression of extreme disgust with a job position.

After her "peace out," Inetta received several job offers. Her current whereabouts are unknown, but we hope her next employer thinks twice about undervaluing her talent.

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