10 Best Resignations of All Time

Dancing for the Exit
Queen Latifah offered Marina Shifrin a job after she appeared on her talk show following Shifrin's video resignation that went viral. Kris Connor/Getty Images for BET

Marina Shifrin was a cog in the click-obsessed online media machine. The 25-year-old video producer worked for Next Media Animation, a Taiwan-based company famous for its instant animations of breaking news stories. After almost two years of long days slaving for bosses who prized the quantity of clicks over the quality of the videos, Shifrin decided to make a video of her own, one that would attract 15 million YouTube views in a few weeks [source: Cavna].

In the 2013 video, Shifrin arrives at work at her normal 4:30 a.m., cranks up Kanye West's "Gone" and displays her surprisingly fresh dance moves all around the empty, fluorescent-lit office. While Shifrin pops and locks in a businesslike blazer, on-screen captions list her grievances, capped by a final "I quit."

The dance video went viral, winning Shifrin a guest spot on "The Queen Latifah Show," during which Queen herself offered Shifrin a job. It turns out that Shifrin had told her bosses about her decision to quit days before making the video, and originally filmed it to blow off steam and amuse her friends [source: Cavna]. She had no idea that making it public would catapult her to Internet fame, but sometimes there's no better revenge than millions of clicks.