You're ready for a new career.
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If you've earned a new degree or certification, your co-workers will likely support your move to a higher position.

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Much like a major life change, a change in your career objectives or desires may make it necessary for you to change to a new job. Maybe you completed a college degree that opens new doors for you, or you might be at a point in life where you simply want to pursue a different occupation. This kind of transition often comes after a long period of thought, discussion at home and training outside of work. You may have been planning this for years.

If you're currently in a healthy job situation, this kind of transition could be an easy one to make. It's likely that you've built close relationships with your co-workers, and they know that your career ambitions go beyond what you can reach in your current job. Your supervisor may have worked with you to set a schedule that let you go back to school, and your co-workers may be very supportive of your hard work to move your work life in a new direction.

The key to making this kind of transition a success is communication. If you're pursuing a new degree, don't keep it a secret. Get co-workers and your employer used to the idea that you may be moving your career in a new direction, and you could be surprised by how supportive they are when you finally make that leap into the next chapter of your working life.

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