O.J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson, shown here at his famous 1994 trial, was eventually sent to prison on other charges.

Pool Photo/Getty Images

In the Hollywood state, celebrities are frequently defined by lists: A list, B list, etc. O.J. Simpson has been on a couple of these lists. For example, the USC all-time leading rushers list. And, maybe, for a brief period while riding in the passenger seat of a white Ford Bronco in 1994, an informal most-wanted list. Later he made another list: a California scroll of the state's most delinquent taxpayers. Simpson owed $1.4 million in back taxes.

But Simpson, unlike so many on this list, had very good tax advice in the lead-up to this revelation. Almost all his money was squirreled away in pensions and in bank accounts in countries that don't tend to open their vaults to the IRS. He had also borrowed heavily against all his assets, so any creditors looking to liquidate his houses, cars, etc., found little free cash in them [source: AllBusiness].

In any case, Simpson's further legal troubles have overshadowed his tax troubles, and collection of the $1.4 million will have to wait until he's released from Nevada's Lovelock Detention Center, where he's serving time for kidnapping and armed robbery.