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5 Career Planning Tips

Be Creative and Persistent in Your Job Searches
Don't be afraid to consider positions that are a little outside of your comfort zone.
Don't be afraid to consider positions that are a little outside of your comfort zone.
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Once you've decided on a career path, don't limit yourself to responding to postings on job boards. Instead, directly contact companies you'd like to work for, inquiring whether or not they have posted job vacancies. Subscribe to the company's social media accounts, which are an increasingly popular avenue for announcing job openings [source: Dickler]. We'll talk more about networking on the next page, but speaking with your colleagues is a great way to find out about new job opportunities.

Be persistent -- set a weekly quota of resumes you intend to send out. Tailor your resume to each employer. Highlight your past accomplishments, their benefit to your employer, and why they make you the right candidate for the job. Keep your resume to one page and diligently proofread the document.

Once an employer approaches you for a job interview, prepare. Research the history and the particulars of the company, anticipate your interviewer's questions, rehearse your answers and prepare thought-provoking questions of your own. Arrive no more than 10 minutes early (and not a minute late), dress appropriately and give clear, thoughtful answers throughout the interview. Send a message of thanks after the interview. Even if you are passed over for the job, maintain a relationship with your contacts at the company and periodically inquire about new openings.

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