10 Jobs for Retired Couples


Lawn Care and Landscaping

A landscaping job keeps you fit while you earn income.
A landscaping job keeps you fit while you earn income.

Do you and your mate actually look forward to mowing the lawn or working in the garden? A lawn care and landscaping business is easy to start and offers great flexibility. In most locations, it's seasonal, so you can take the winter off or add a service like snow plowing. And what better way to keep fit?

You'll need a basic knowledge of plants and the stamina to do the work, even in hot weather. Long hours are common during the summer growing season.

All you need to get your business off the ground is a commercial mower, some basic tools and a truck or trailer. A couple should be able to handle 20 to 30 clients a week, with one person mowing and the other raking, edging and pruning.

If you offer landscaping services, you'll need to be knowledgeable about trees, shrubs and other plants. You'll also need a keen eye to make design decisions so the landscaping enhances the client's property. It helps if one partner has a green thumb and the other a strong back.

You can get your business off the ground simply by word-of-mouth, or by going door-to-door and passing out flyers. Keep in mind that this is a service business. Good relations with customers are often more crucial than price. Be reliable, neat and on time.