10 Jobs for Retired Couples


Running a Cleaning Business

Okay, it's not the most glamorous field going, but cleaning can be an ideal job for couples. You don't need a big investment or a lot of technical training to get started. You'll see a quick flow of revenues and profits. You can work part-time or full-time depending on the number of clients you book.

Your first step will be to decide on an area of specialization. Do you want to operate a maid service cleaning homes? A commercial cleaning operation for businesses? Or a company specializing in something like outdoor power washing, steaming carpets or washing windows?

A cleaning business is easy to operate from your home. You might start by doing the cleaning yourselves. Later you may want hire employees to do the dirty work while you take care of marketing and supervision.

You'll need to be fit enough to apply some elbow grease when needed. Absolute honesty and reliability are critical when you and your employees are given access to people's homes. An ability to schedule and keep organized is also important. And don't forget savvy pricing. You're not only competing against other businesses, but also against customers who can clean their own homes if they feel they can't afford you.