10 Best Jobs for Retirees


Mr. Fixit

There is a certain type of retiree known as the "tinkerer." He's rarely seen without his tool belt, and he has a fully stocked repair shop in the garage where he spends his days sanding and staining new molding for the kitchen, affixing a new gasket to a leaky toilet seal, and taking apart the entire washing machine to extract a lost cuff link. Instead of tinkering around the house, why not put that natural handiness to work as an on-call handyman?

You'd be amazed at what your friends, neighbors and local shop owners have no idea how to do for themselves. Even more amazing is that an experienced Mr. Fixit can earn around $50 an hour just for tightening some screws, unclogging some drains and re-wiring the occasional circuit breaker [source: Bankrate.com]. If you don't like the hours of an on-call Mr. Fixit, consider offering your services on a per-project basis. Some retired handymen decide to work only on weekends [source: Hannon].