10 Best Jobs for Retirees


Non-profit Consulting

Use your work experience to show others how to make it to the top.
Use your work experience to show others how to make it to the top.

You spent four decades of your life working 60-hour weeks to fatten the coffers of some large corporation, and now your well-deserved retirement has finally arrived. But what if you find that four days of golf and three days of lawn and garden care don't provide the same mental stimulation as a long week at the office? Do you really have to go back to the soulless grind just to stave off boredom?

Of course not. Why not apply your strong managerial, financial, IT or development skills to help a non-profit organization? Non-profits come in all shapes and sizes, and chances are high that you can find an organization that matches your particular feel-good interest, like fighting poverty, supporting the arts or saving the environment. You won't earn as much as a non-profit management consultant, but you might find it both stimulating and satisfying.

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