10 Ways People Rack Up Debt


Keeping Up with the Joneses and Impulsivity

"I want it, and I want it now!" With the plethora of online shopping options available today, anyone who utters this phrase is in luck. Yet the impulsivity of online shoppers coupled with the strong desire to keep up with the latest and greatest of everything is a dangerous combination, sending many into debt. If your co-worker has the latest iPhone with video, it suddenly makes your year-old model seem obsolete. Even though your iPhone is working perfectly and you don't get paid until next week, with the quick swipe of a credit card, the new iPhone is yours. This is just a small example of this phenomenon. Many families find themselves living in a house they cannot afford with a luxury car parked in the driveway. From the outside, they may draw many a jealous eye, but upon closer inspection, they're drowning in debt.