10 Tips for a Debt-free Life



So many people desire a simpler life that marketers have caught on and created more opportunities for buying stuff. In simple terms: Buying into the idea of simplicity sometimes leads to buying more stuff to organize what we have. Even wanting less is a marketing target, so that "simple living" is an outward style rather than a true lifestyle.

Before you buy, think about similar things you have at home that are sitting unused, and shop from your own storehouse. Challenge yourself and family to use everything up and restock only what you need without being overrun with new household goods again. As with buying, maybe take a month to track what you use and don't use from what you already have, eyeing what you can get rid of and not buy again.

If it's hard to get to, creating a landslide of stuff when you reach for it, or is something you can't see, you likely won't use it. Getting rid of the clutter, stress and maintenance of having a lot of stuff lets you see what you have and pare down to what you love. Doing the same with bills prevents both material clutter and debt clutter.