10 Tips for a Debt-free Life


Flee Temptation

With some knowledge of your buying "triggers," changing habits may be necessary. If you spend Saturday mornings shopping on the Internet or you can't pass that antique shop down the road without popping in for a look, take a fast from the Internet and a different route around the shop. Flee temptation by physically separating yourself from it. If leaving work at lunch time costs no less than $7 per day, bring leftovers and stock your file cabinet with snacks, but stay in the building. It could save you $200 or much more per month.

Even avoiding the places where we spend doesn't stop the money "deals" that come in the mail. Offers of "no money down!," skipped payments and equity lending appeal to the sense that we are good enough customers to receive the offers. But the truth is that we're receiving the offers because we are really good consumers too, and taking the bait on unsolicited credit leads to more debt.

Large or small, bad debt is bad debt. There are no gray areas, and spending habits can keep us where we are. Flee temptation now and you can be free to enjoy more money later.