10 Tips for a Debt-free Life


Budget Everything

If you are anything like millions of other people who make money, you may have a vision of those people who keep budgets as a different breed than yourself. There is an aura, and frankly, even something boring associated with talk of budgets and success at keeping them.

Fortunately, living on a budget can be second-nature and even enjoyable once you're set up to track your spending. Seeing what you have and what you pay out is a reality check, but closing your eyes to your debt doesn't make it go away: A budget can.

Numerous free budget outlines are on the Internet and in libraries. From simple one-page itemizations to multi-page bells-and-whistle spreadsheets, the options are innumerable. Spend some time finding a budget sheet or package that looks fun to you.

Guidelines from the experts can help in getting started; however, make adjustments up or down to fit your stage of life and personal goals. Recommendations aren't written in stone, but your budget should be. Plan for extras within the budget rather than outside of it, and once you have a budget, stay accountable to what you set for yourself. Make adjustments only for growing closer to a debt-free life.

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