5 Safe Ways to Invest Family Savings


Government Securities and Bonds

Government bonds are still considered a safe investment.
Government bonds are still considered a safe investment.
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For another old-school solution, you can look into federal, state and municipal bonds. Each has its own terms, rates, policies and uses, but once that thicket's cleared, there is something satisfying about having the certificate in hand, ready to be hidden away or passed on to children or grandchildren -- and something lovely about contributing to the city, state or country where we live.

With a reputation for stability and a variety of options available -- Series EE bonds yield a fixed rate, while Series I is adjusted for inflation, etc. -- remember that you pay in interest for what you gain in risk. As the lowest-risk possible investment, you're getting a fairly low but stable rate of return. If you like the idea of owning a bit of the U.S., and don't mind leaving the money in the bond well past maturity in order to get a decent return, it's a pretty fascinating market to consider.