10 Extreme Coupon Tips for Normal People


Buy Items You Use

No matter how good the deal is, you're not saving money if you don't use what you buy.
No matter how good the deal is, you're not saving money if you don't use what you buy.
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As you become an extreme couponer, it's important to remember to only purchase items you'll use. Don't buy 15 cans of tuna because you can get a great if you don't like tuna and will never eat what you bought (unless you want to donate the cans to a good cause -- then go ahead). Use your couponing skills for items you need. Besides, if you buy a plethora of products you won't use, you haven't actually saved any money. You've just wasted precious funds on things you don't need, so be a wise shopper and look for sweet deals on stuff that you'll actually enjoy.

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