10 Frugal Decorating Ideas



If your home has a den or study, you've got a whole new set of considerations. If it's used as a media center -- where computers, video and gaming equipment are used -- that will bring along a few specific messes. Transform the look of an entire room simply by rethinking the placement of wires, consoles, videos and videogames.

In lieu of an expensive armoire or TV stand to hide wires, get the fuss out of sight simply by routing them through inexpensive plastic tubing from a home improvement store. Or consider, again, rearranging objects throughout the house. If entertainment equipment isn't being used -- if the TV in your den is defunct, or if the kids prefer one gaming console over another -- that just creates dead zones and clutter. Sometimes, just moving (or removing) items is all it takes to create a relaxed but stylish vibe.