10 Frugal Decorating Ideas


Living Room

For most of us, the living room means casual and family activities. In a smaller house, it may combine the uses of the den and even dining room, which makes it one of the most multi-purposed areas in the whole house.

A drab or poorly lit living room can easily become nothing more than a home for the television. By considering the room's uses, and clearing the space of unnecessary items to create greater working size, it can become your home's other heart. Only you can accurately pinpoint the realistic uses of your living room, and you can transform the house by working harmoniously with them.

For example, if you've got comfy chairs along the wall of your living room, but they rarely see use, it could be a sign that your guests and family crave a more social setup. Trade out those comfy chairs for an unused loveseat or chaise from elsewhere in the house to create a cozy, conversational tone.

Likewise, a shift in upholstery or a few different throws can change the color and feel of a room, turning an unused sofa into a snuggly family area. By identifying dead spots and rededicating them toward your purpose -- moving the TV to a separate wall, or out of the room altogether -- you create a new space to come together, without forcing it or doing anything more than making it more inviting.