10 Backyard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget


Get a Land Plan

The scenario is all too real. Beautiful weekend weather sparks your desire to get outside and finally get to work on your yard. So what do you do? Hop into the car and head to the home garden center at your nearest store, where you go on an expensive spending spree worthy of Edith Wharton.

Then you arrive back at home, throw your new tools on the turf, and realize you really have no idea where you're going with this project. So you retreat indoors and swear to never watch a home care TV show again.

In order to do good, lasting landscape work, you must have a plan. And to have a plan, you have to know your land.

Observe the way rainfall and runoff flow through the yard, and the way light falls in certain places throughout the day, and in different seasons. Think about how you want to spend your time in your yard, and whether you really want an expansive and time-consuming garden, or a huge, plant-less patio where you can lounge without worrying about weeding the tomatoes.

Ask a professional landscaper for a free estimate or a paid consultation for advice on how to best use the space you have. Sketch diagrams of the final project, and use that picture to build a list of necessary supplies, along with their costs.

Use tips from the experts at sites such as Better Home and Gardens and HGTV to refine your ideas and prioritize. And then plan to work on your project in phases so you aren't overwhelmed by either labor or expenses.

So now you have an idea of where to start. Keep reading and we'll tell you more about one major (and potentially majorly destructive) foe of landscaping projects.