How the Lions Club Works

Becoming a Lion

Finding a Lions Club near you is as easy as plugging the name of your town into the search engine on the organization's website.

Most Lions Clubs meet once or twice a month to plan projects and discuss club business. There are also cyber clubs that meet online and special interest clubs based on professions or hobbies such as the Montgomery County Police and Fire Fighters Lions Club, the Las Vegas Opticians Lions Club and the Boise Special Olympics Lions Club.

Membership in a Lions Club is by invitation only. Through the organization's website, contact a member and let the Lion know you'd like to attend a meeting or participate in a service project. Expressing interest is a great way to let the Lions know you want to join.

You can also call the international headquarters for information at (630) 468-6857 or contact the organization by e-mail at Through the Web site, you'll also have the opportunity to fill out an online prospective member form, which will be forwarded to a Lions Club in your area. At that point, it's up to your local branch to contact you [source: Lions Clubs].

Once you've attended a meeting or service event, you can get a better feel for the group and its goals. If you're still interested, ask an active member to sponsor you. If you can't find a club near you, you can order a new club kit and start your own.

Membership dues vary from club to club, averaging $35 a month. Family and student discounts are available [source: Lions Club].

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