How the Lions Club Works

Lions Clubs at Work

Building a playground for children in California. Feeding 60,000 people in a South African township. Sending a team of eye surgeons to Honduras to treat 100 adults and children.

Those are just some of the activities of the Lions Clubs, which have raised more than $610 million since 1968 to sponsor humanitarian projects across the world.

In Perth, Australia, Lions Clubs have provided free hearing screenings for 30 years. In 2001, the Lions Clubs provided seed money for the founding of the Lions Ear and Hearing Institute, which treats patients with hearing loss and conducts research on hearing loss disorders [source: Ear Science Institute].

In Las Vegas, Nevada, Lions Clubs partnered with the city's University Medical Center to create the Lions Burn Care Center, where thousands of people have been treated. In 2001, Lions raised $300,000 to expand the center and build a new gym where patients can receive physical therapy [source: Lions Clubs].

In a small city near Cape Town, South Africa, the Lions set up grills in the poorer parts of town and cook burgers for local children who help pick up trash. The Lions distribute gloves and plastic bags to the children, who get a hamburger and cold drink when they bring back the bag filled with trash [source: Lions Clubs].

In the Philippines, the Lions Clubs raised money to build a library in Manila, complete with a multimedia center that has computers [source: Lions Clubs]. And in Vaucresson, France, the club raised money to buy special computers for disabled students so they wouldn't have to carry heavy book bags to and from school [source: Lions Clubs].

In 2015, a Lions Club in Austria raised funds to construct a new school building with four classrooms, a sports area, restrooms and a storage room for an impoverished school in Rio Blanco, Guatemala [source: Lions Club Annual Report].

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