How to Volunteer for the Salvation Army

By: Libby Little

Salvation Army Jobs

The Salvation Army has many paying jobs, which you can locate in the "Employment Opportunities" section of its Web site. For those interested in dedicating their lives to the organization, there are officers, soldiers and other military-related title roles available [source: The Salvation Army].

Even if you don't have a lot of time to spare, there are still many volunteer opportunities for you at the Salvation Army. You can volunteer to work at child or adult day-care centers, medical facilities, thrift shops, community centers, camps or rehabilitation centers [source: The Salvation Army].


Before you volunteer with any group, you should sit down and assess how much time you are honestly willing to dedicate each week or month. Volunteering can sound like a great idea in theory, but people often underestimate how much time and effort their services may require. Once you have figured out the available time you have to give to the organization, you can contact your local territory's headquarters:

  • Central Territory
  • Eastern Territory
  • Southern Territory
  • Western Territory

You can search for Salvation Army volunteer positions through a search engine called VolunteerMatch or enter your zip code into the organization's Web site to find your local office [source: VolunteerMatch]. Whether you are helping with disaster relief or ringing a bell outside of a department store, you will feel wonderful knowing you are working to help others in need.

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