5 Unbelievable Employee Benefits That Really Exist

Employee Concierge

Who hasn't dreamed of pawning off all of their annoying, time-consuming errands? If you work at S.C. Johnson & Son in Racine, Wis., you can. All employees at the firm, which produces household products for cleaning, storage, auto care and more, have access to an on-site, subsidized concierge service. While some companies' concierge services are for standard tasks such as picking up dry cleaning or dropping off packages at the post office, the S.C. Johnson concierges tackle all sorts of chores, including taking your car in for an oil change (they get to sit and wait for your car in the smelly garage, not you), shopping around for the best deals on car insurance, house-sitting and even -- are you sitting down? -- standing in line for tickets to see your favorite performer in concert [source: Brox].

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