5 Unbelievable Employee Benefits That Really Exist


Unlimited Vacation Time

Imagine being able to take as many vacations days as you'd like, whenever you wish. Seems crazy, but more companies offer this benefit than you probably realize. The trend started in the 1990s, but gained steam more recently, especially among white-collar, high-tech workers. While plans differ by employers, in general, employees who have this benefit are allowed to take time off whenever they want to. The catch -- for those who may consider it one -- is that you have to make sure projects get finished and any specific job targets are met. Whether that means you work some weekends, take your smartphone with you on your trip or train a colleague to perform critical functions while you're gone to make sure job goals are met, it generally doesn't matter to the boss [source: Shellenbarger].

Interestingly, many employers report that workers with unlimited vacation time don't really take more time off than they would under a more traditional vacation system. Actually, maybe that's not so interesting. What's probably more fascinating is that, according to a 2010 survey by Expedia, only 38 percent of U.S. workers with traditional paid time off plans use all of their available vacation time -- even though the vast majority of those surveyed said their bosses were supportive of them using all of their vacation days [source: Shellenbarger].