5 Unbelievable Employee Benefits That Really Exist


Paid Workouts

Clif Bar employees get to work out on the clock.
Clif Bar employees get to work out on the clock.

Employees of Clif Bar and Company, a nutrition business that produces popular energy bars and drinks, not only get access to an on-site state-of-the-art gym, bouldering wall, two yoga/dance studios and nutritional counseling, but they're allowed to work out 30 minutes every workday, or 2.5 hours each week, while on the clock -- meaning they're getting paid to exercise. And that's far from all. Employees also receive the following:

  • Reimbursements of up to $350 for athletic competition entry frees (marathons, triathlons, century rides and the like)
  • Subsidized, on-site massage and chiropractic services
  • Access to a fleet of in-house cruisers they can ride to run errands or bike to lunch
  • Use of on-site showers, plus a towel service
  • Free life coaching (six visits per year) [source: Outside]

With benefits like these -- and the above list is far from comprehensive -- is it any surprise that Clif Bar has a 96 percent employee retention rate [source: Finney]?