How Employee Compensation Works

Other Leave and Benefits

Jury Duty, Military Leave, and Bereavement

Don't forget to include policies on jury duty, military leave, and bereavement. These situations may come up more often than you think, and even if yours is a small company, you need to have policies in place to address these so that you know you're handling them consistently. Typically, companies allow up to two weeks per year for jury duty or military leave and up to three days per year for bereavement.

You'll also need a policy on maternity and/or paternity leave. Whether this leave is paid or unpaid is up to you (more on this later).

Domestic Partner Benefits

The very controversial subject of employment benefits for domestic partners has become more commonplace over the past few years. If yours is a very diverse workforce, you may want to consider covering domestic partners in your benefits program. The focus of most domestic partner benefits seems to be health care, but many also cross over into life insurance, family leave, and other areas.

While you may think the reasons for including domestic partner coverage in your benefit program are simply a commitment to diversity and public image, also remember that your closest competitors may be offering this. If you don't offer it as well, you may be hindering your own efforts to attract talent to your workforce. Your company's values, beliefs, and your labor market will all be deciding factors in whether you offer domestic partner coverage.

Check with regulations in your state's insurance laws and also with your insurer, because there are still a few restrictions that may affect your ability to offer the benefit even if you want to.