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So, we've talked about a lot of ways to set up a good benefit program for your employees and how your benefits and perks are often more important than the salary, but what will really stand out to potential employees? What do they really look for? One of the most important things to keep in mind when planning or tweaking your benefits package is that there is a strong and growing trend toward helping employees balance their work with their family lives. People are no longer just wishing there was an alternative - they're making alternatives. If you make a concerted effort to allow your employees to not only do their jobs but to still have time to live their lives, you'll be rewarded with loyalty, productivity, and strong workforce.

Here are a few suggestions for creative benefits to add, but don't stop here. Poll your employees and see what they would like to see added to the benefit list. You may be surprised.

  • Special guest speakers (monthly, quarterly, whatever you can do)
  • On-site classes about topics that interest your employees, such as personal finance, yoga, home buying, childcare issues, etc.
  • Special company-sponsored meals (Like Pizza Fridays, or Days of Perpetual Eating!)
  • Office games
  • On-site massages
  • Special-recognition gift certificates
  • Set up a special Sunshine committee to come up with fun treats and activities for employees
  • Regular staff parties and get-togethers (on work time, not personal time!)
  • On-site dry cleaning pick ups
  • On-site film-processing pick ups
  • An employee Web site that features photos from staff parties, family photos, etc.
  • On-site stores offering items that employees typically have to go out at lunch for.
  • A company restaurant that also offers take-out meals for dinners.
  • An ATM machine

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