How Employee Compensation Works

More Cost-free Benefits & Perks

Discounts for Your Employees

If your business offers a commercial product or service that your employees would otherwise have to pay for, then it may make sense to allow them the perk of getting it for free, or at least at a reduced cost. Your company can get a tax break, the employee gets a good deal, and good will abounds for all.

Working Condition Benefit

Known as the working condition benefit by the IRS, you can also gain some mileage, benefit-wise, by allowing your employees to use their company cars, computers, PDAs, etc., for personal as well as company business. Make sure you have a written policy and have checked your insurance coverage before granting this benefit.

On-premises Exercise Facilities

A fit employee is a healthy employee, and a healthy employee is a productive employee. Or so it would seem. If you have on-site exercise facilities that your employees can have access to free of charge then you've got a good perk waiting to happen. If you don't already have the facilities as part of your business, then perhaps you should consider setting up a small workout room with some basic equipment, or put in a shower and set up some running/walking trails around your business's property. Exercise not only relieves stress and improves health, it helps clear the mind and fosters creativity. Your employees may even acquire some team building skills if you start a company softball team.

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