How Employee Compensation Works

Employee Assistance Programs

Employee Assistance Programs are provided by many employers. These programs provide your employees with somewhere to turn in the event of a personal problem that affects all aspects of their lives, including their jobs. If you, as the employer, ignore these types of problems then you may find less loyalty and more employee burnout.

These programs have a large counseling element, although their goals are to maintain and even improve your company's production. The EAP can help your employee determine the problem and find the right kind of help. They can also help management have a better understanding of the types of problems their employees may be facing, both personal and work-related. Some of these problems may be stress that is related to job security, conflicts with others in the workplace, divorce or other family problems, substance abuse, or financial problems.

Depending on the size of your company you can opt to have an on-site certified employee assistance professional, or you can contract with someone outside. Things to remember include checking with your medical insurance and making sure whomever you use for your EAP knows the limitations of your medical insurance. (In fact, some medical insurers offer varying forms of EAPs in their total insurance package, so make sure you check with them first.) Try to find an EAP who is familiar with your type of business and the types of problems you see most often in your workforce. The business of the EAP is a relationship business, so make sure you choose someone you and your employees will feel good about talking to. If you don't, it's not the benefit you want it to be.

Other Benefits to Think About

  • Paid moving expenses
  • Transportation discounts
  • Leave sharing plans
  • Scholarships
  • Low-interest or interest-free loans for employees

You may be asking if there is anything you can offer your employees that they will like that doesn't cost you anything? Well, you're in luck. Read on and find out about some great perks that are almost entirely free.