10 Careers for People Who Love to Travel



Who hasn't dreamed of going out on the road with the Rolling Stones or U2? How many music fans have imagined traveling from gig to gig and hanging with their favorite band? If the touring part of being in a road crew weren't exciting enough, there's also the thrill of working with some of the biggest names in the music and entertainment business.

Road crew members -- affectionately known as roadies -- are the folks who handle the stage productions for touring acts. Lighting and sound engineers, riggers, stagehands and instrument technicians are all considered roadies.

As with most jobs, you've got to pay your dues to make it in the roadie business. You'll probably start out lugging around lighting and sound equipment at a small venue or theater to start. Once you've learned the ropes, and with a little luck, you can work your way up to touring with the major music acts.