Why would the U.S. mint a trillion-dollar coin?

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How much money do people accidentally throw away every year?

How much money do people accidentally throw away every year?

Accidentally throwing away money is more common than you might think. Find out how much money people accidentally throw away every year.

Author's Note: Why would the U.S. mint a trillion-dollar coin?

There's just something about financial crisis hitting close to home that perks up your ears to national and international financial news. I didn't pay too much attention to the mechanics of economics until the U.S. financial slump hit a few years ago. Then I became interested in a hurry, and not just about news from my own shores. Bailouts and short sales on the home front; bankrupt governments abroad. Gaining an understanding of it seemed overwhelming, yet essential to my survival as a business owner. Since that time, I've continued to follow economic news with interest (pun intended), including debt-ceiling debates and, most recently, the proposal of a trillion-dollar coin. On a related note, I may start watching HowStuffWorks videos, like this one, as a sort-of insurance policy.

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