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Why would the U.S. mint a trillion-dollar coin?

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Author's Note: Why would the U.S. mint a trillion-dollar coin?

There's just something about financial crisis hitting close to home that perks up your ears to national and international financial news. I didn't pay too much attention to the mechanics of economics until the U.S. financial slump hit a few years ago. Then I became interested in a hurry, and not just about news from my own shores. Bailouts and short sales on the home front; bankrupt governments abroad. Gaining an understanding of it seemed overwhelming, yet essential to my survival as a business owner. Since that time, I've continued to follow economic news with interest (pun intended), including debt-ceiling debates and, most recently, the proposal of a trillion-dollar coin. On a related note, I may start watching HowStuffWorks videos, like this one, as a sort-of insurance policy.

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