Best Jobs for Retirees
Mature nurse.

There are many jobs out there for retirees who'd like to jump back into the workforce.


In a financially sane world, the words "retirement" and "job" would never be uttered in the same sentence. But the reality of the recent economic downturn is that more and more workers are postponing retirement to salvage their drained savings, and a significant amount of confirmed retirees are hanging up their golf bags to return to the workforce. Sometimes, though, the motivation to get a job after retirement has less to do with money than simply remaining engaged and productive.

Few retirees want to work full-time. Instead, they're looking for ways to capitalize on their ample skills and experience in a part-time or contract setting. One of the positives of an uncertain economy is that employers are more likely to hire part-time or contract workers because they don't have to pay for benefits like health insurance or vacation days.

We've consulted employment experts to assemble a list of the 10 best part-time jobs for retirees of all interests and backgrounds, from business to medical care to crafts. Let's start with one of the most in-demand careers, even for retirees.