Outrageous Lawsuits
Anna Ayala

This is a mug shot of Anna Ayala, the woman who planted a human finger in a Wendy's chili. Learn more about her bizarre case in a few pages.

LVPD/Getty Images

One of the benefits of living in a democratic country with a well-established judicial system is the opportunity to use the courts to achieve justice and set wrongs right. But there is a drawback: Some folks go to court about things that make most of us shake our heads.

In fact, these so-called "frivolous lawsuits" have led some activists and politicians to push for tort reform. Tort -- along with contract, real property and criminal law -- is one of the four major areas of law, and it describes disputes in which one person is harmed by another. Tort reform, then, would reduce the litigation of and damages awarded in these types of cases.

Is such a change needed? Take a look at these odd cases and judge for yourself.