Stop the Insanity!

Susan Powter urged the infomercial-watching masses to "Stop the insanity!"­

Tammie Arroyo/Getty Images


With her blonde hair cut shorter than a drill sergeant's, and her throaty yell urging everyone to "Stop the insanity!" Susan Powter became an infomercial icon. Dubbed the "Lenny Bruce of Wellness," Powter ranted against the ills of dieting and urged us that there were no fat people -- just unfit people who maybe had a little extra around the middle. After her reign in the early 1990s, Susan disappeared from the radar, but today this diet and fitness guru is back. She's still got the spiky do, but the message has been toned down a bit. Instead of stopping the insanity, now Powter just wants us to "Eat, breathe, move and think." Sounds pretty easy.