How to Organize Your Taxes and Money

Tools That Could Save You Time and Money
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Many online tools can make filing taxes easier.

Tired of slogging through piles of receipts and forms each tax season? Let someone else do the work for you. If you can't afford to invest in an accountant, several software programs can help make tax preparation less stressful. is a free, online tool that connects all of your financial information -- your checking and savings account balances, investment accounts, investments and credit cards -- in one place. The site lays out your finances on one page so you can see your entire financial picture at once. When tax time rolls around, you can quickly and easily generate reports on your business expenses, charitable contributions and virtually everything else you need to file your taxes.

Turbo Tax guides you through tax preparation and lets you file online. If you have a simple return, you can file for free. If your taxes are a bit more involved, fees start at $29.95. Turbo Tax (and many other tax preparation software programs) also makes record keeping easier by consolidating your financial information. For example, it will automatically download your credit card statement from the credit card company's Web site so you don't have to enter the information yourself.

Tax Act, H&R Block and Tax Slayer offer similar services, including a free basic filing option, as well as paid versions with greater capabilities.

When it comes time to file, you no longer need to fumble around with paperwork or stand on line for hours at the post office. The IRS offers Free File and e-file, which allow you to send your tax information electronically to the IRS online. The information is encrypted for safety.

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