5 Ways to Send Money Online


Online Bill Payment

No one enjoys paying bills, but at least it's not a lengthy process if you pay them online. It wasn't long ago that people had to waste multiple hours each month keeping a detailed ledger of bills, due dates and amounts, then writing checks, licking stamps and stuffing envelopes. Online bill payment systems have virtually eliminated this monthly chore for millions of Internet-connected customers.

The beauty of online bill payment is that most banks will allow you to set each bill up on a recurring cycle. That way, your bills are paid every month with no hassle, and late payments and fees much easier to avoid. After the initial setup, all a person really has to do is sit back and monitor the accounts for upcoming due dates or any questionable activity. Some people opt to enter the amount to be paid manually each month, as some bills -- such as those for water and electricity -- fluctuate. Even so, it's as fast and easy as a mouse click to send in the payment when it's due.

Online banking also creates an automatic backlog of payments, so if a provider disputes whether or not you've paid in full, you can pull up the account to prove them wrong. As an added bonus, online bill pay has drastically reduced the postage needs of households everywhere, as well as the environmental toll of countless paper bills.