5 Ways Mobile Banking Alerts Can Benefit You


Know When Transactions and Direct Deposits Are Posted

Banks take time processing transactions, and some, such as debit card purchases, can take several days to post to your account. This can get frustrating, especially if you're waiting for a paycheck to clear before you go out to get groceries. Instead of needing to call the bank, or even checking your online account several times a day to see if a particular transaction has posted, you could instead rely on an alert.

Some banks allow you to sign up for alerts that notify you when certain transactions are posted. One of the most common and useful of these is the direct deposit alert, which will let you know as soon as your paycheck goes through. Some banks can send daily alerts telling you which checks cleared in your account the previous day. Your bank might also offer alerts whenever any deposits, withdrawals, credits or debits are processed.

What happens when money is tight and gets a little too close to the red? Overdraft fees can add up, but mobile alerts make it it easier to know when funds are running low. Read about how you stay positive on the next page.