5 Reasons to Use Online Banking


Money Transfers

Transferring your money online is easy and often free.
Transferring your money online is easy and often free.
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Whether you have a kid in college or a friend in need of an immediate cash infusion, money transfer options offered by online banking services make it easy to send funds where they need to go -- fast. This action is particularly simple -- and often free -- if the person you're transferring money to holds an account with the same bank. Don't fret if the recipient banks with a different institution, though. Generally it takes just a little while longer (often 24 hours or less), and any associated fees are nominal -- though you should take care to confirm any costs before making the transaction.

If you hold multiple checking or savings accounts, money transfers grant you the convenience of moving funds as needed. So, if a tree falls across your driveway and you have to pay someone to haul it away, you can transfer cash from another account to cover it.

Moving your bank account online won't fix all your money woes, and paying bills will never be something any of us will ever look forward to. But if you want to make managing your finances as easy as it can possibly be, online banking is the way to go.

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