10 Biggest Expenses in a Couple's First Year

Seasonal Items
Building up your holiday décor collection over the years is a great way to create memories together. © whitetag/iStock/Thinkstock

As with so many things in a household budget, the cost of seasonal items can vary widely depending on what part of the country you live in, whether or not you have a yard and the level of commitment you have to holiday entertaining, decorating and gift-giving. Basic outdoor equipment and tools you'll need if you have any kind of lawn include a mower, a rake, a wheelbarrow, a shovel and pruners — and maybe a snowblower if you live in cooler regions. Larger or more expensive items that you might need every once in a while or might not have room to store, such as a leaf blower, can be rented.

Next, think about whether and how you will decorate or entertain for all the various holidays each year, and include the cost of holiday décor in your household budget. Newlyweds can have fun choosing ornaments and decorations together. Build a collection slowly, with items bought on your honeymoon or other travels. You'll be able to decorate with not only the things you love, but also the things that hold special memories as well.