10 Biggest Expenses in a Couple's First Year

Household Supplies
All those little day-to-day creature comforts add up. © Denis Raev/iStock/Thinkstock

It's easy to overlook the little things that are so necessary around the house, things in your parents' kitchen or toolshed that you just took for granted. But the cost of these items can add up. Many things you'll need to set up housekeeping may be on your wedding gift registry — kitchen items, dishes, glassware and tools. Once you know what you've already got, walk through the house and think about what else you might need for every room. Consider some of these items as you're making your list:

  • Cleaning products and equipment, including broom, mop, vacuum cleaner, bathroom cleaner, furniture polish, glass cleaner, dishwasher detergent, a washer and dryer and laundry detergent.
  • Linens, including sheets, pillowcases, blankets, a comforter, bath towels, washcloths and dish towels. Consider how many of these you need for yourselves, plus any guests you might have.
  • General items such as a basic tool kit, a first-aid kit, a flashlight with batteries and an iron and ironing board.

These seemingly simple items are easy to overlook, but they are essential to a smoothly running household.