10 Biggest Expenses in a Couple's First Year

Many marriages today have two incomes with two commutes to plan for. ©Ingram Publishing/Thinkstock

It used to be a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood. On your 16th birthday, you made the ritual trip to the DMV to get your license, hoping you wouldn't have to parallel park or, worse, that you wouldn't hit something with the license examiner in the car. That time may be passing. Studies show that young people between the ages of 16 and 34 drove 23 percent fewer miles in 2009 than their counterparts in 2001, and the trend seems to be continuing [source: Dutzik].

Whether you have your license and commute into the city from the suburbs or you live in a big-city apartment surrounded by public transit options and never bothered to get your driver's license, transportation is still the second-largest household budget item at 17.6 percent [source: BLS]. When you consider car maintenance and gas, or even transit tickets, it's easy to see how this is such a large chunk of your budget.

If transportation costs are going to be a problem, talk with your future spouse about ways to save in this often expensive and essential budget category.