10 Biggest Expenses in a Couple's First Year

House or Apartment
Renting early on in your marriage may make better financial sense than jumping into a mortgage – but every situation is different. ©Hemera Technologies/Ablestock.com/Thinkstock

As you start your life together, it's completely natural to want to settle into a new place that belongs to both of you. The question is, house or apartment? It's a question only the two of you can decide, but if you're on the young side or not settled in your jobs, you may want to choose an apartment, or at least a rental house, at first. It's a way of keeping your options open later, when you're more settled or have a growing family. And speaking of filling the nest, if you have the resources and are more settled, perhaps thinking of kids in the near future, then buying a house may be your best choice.

Whether you rent or buy, housing costs will consume about 34 percent of your monthly budget. This can include related costs such as utilities, cable, Internet, phone and home maintenance and repairs [source: BLS]. Be sure to factor in the additional costs of a deposit on a rental or a down payment if you buy.