10 Biggest Expenses in a Couple's First Year

Was your shared love of movies part of what brought you together? Make a plan for how often you'll go to the theater as a couple and how much you'll spend there. © Deklofenak/iStock/Thinkstock

Last, but certainly not least, is entertainment. While you may be able to bask endlessly in each other's company for days, weeks or months that first year, eventually you're going to spend some money on entertainment, even if all you do is reconnect the cable that you forgot all about in your honeymoon haze.

Set an entertainment budget and try to stay within it — this is one of the budget categories that's tough to stay within for many people. According to research, Americans spend 5 percent of their household budgets on entertainment [source: BLS].

Having trouble deciding how to spend your time and money? Take turns choosing, and when it's your turn, pick something you think the other person will enjoy. You might learn to like something new, and you'll have the satisfaction of seeing surprise, happiness and love on your spouse's face.

Author's Note: 10 Biggest Expenses in a Couple's First Year

While it has been many years since my first year of marriage, I remember trying so hard to save money on food that all I cooked was spaghetti — it didn't help that it was also my favorite food and the only thing I knew how to cook. It was months before I learned that it wasn't my husband's favorite food — or even in his top 100. He took over the cooking, but we planned meals as a pair, trying to save while spending time together discussing recipes.

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