Save or Splurge: 10 Suggestions on What's Worth the Spend When You're on Vacation

Save: Credit Card/ATM Fees

Vacations cost enough without tacking on 3, 4 or 10 percent to every payment you make. ATMs can charge a few bucks per transaction, and typically more (in the form of a percentage) for withdrawals overseas; credit cards can charge up to a 10 percent fee for every dollar you spend in a foreign country.

Not all ATMs charge fees, and not all credit cards tack on a percentage. But enough do to make it very smart to look into your bank and credit-card details. The fees can really add up.

If your credit card charges no fees for use abroad, that can be a good, safe way to pay. Travelers' checks are a great choice as well. Try to avoid carrying a lot of cash -- if you get robbed, you're up a creek.

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