Save or Splurge: 10 Suggestions on What's Worth the Spend When You're on Vacation

Save: Tourist Food

Skip the tourist food clustered near popular attractions.
Skip the tourist food clustered near popular attractions.
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You know all those vendors around tourist attractions selling not-so-great-tasting, not-so-great-for-you food? Big waste of money. They sell the same (or lower-grade) stuff you'll find farther from the sites but sold at a mark-up.

You're paying more for convenience, but it can ultimately be a lot more convenient (and yummier and healthier) to bring along your own, normally priced food, since that way you won't be limited to what's available in the immediate vicinity of an attraction. Carry some favorite, nonperishable snacks from home, or go shopping at a local market at your destination.

Also, get up a little early if your hotel offers a complimentary breakfast. No reason to pass up a free meal.

That leaves you open for a different kind of food splurge. Up next: When to eat your cash…