Save or Splurge: 10 Suggestions on What's Worth the Spend When You're on Vacation

Splurge: International Trip Insurance

As countless travelers learned when an Iceland volcano erupted in 2010, sometimes you can't foresee the event that will disrupt your trip. Many thousands, perhaps millions, of people ended up stuck on their vacations (or business trips) when air travel was completely crippled by volcanic ash for weeks.

And when you're stranded in a foreign country for weeks, with only hotels, restaurants and paid transport to rely on, being stuck on your vacation can cripple the bank account.

In the case of international travel, which is typically expensive and leaves the door open to some additional uncertainties, trip insurance can be a good splurge. It also can be worth it when having to cancel is somewhat likely, or when every expensive thing you've booked is nonrefundable.

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